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Work with Tresil – let’s get started

Call me on 07711 361532 and we’ll talk about what you need from your website copywriting project. How big a project is it?

  • A 20 page website re-write
  • A 5-page start up website
  • A website audit
  • Mentoring in web content writing and planning
  • A final polish of existing content before publishing
  • Content management support for large corporate site
  • Adverts, emails, white papers
  • Product or service descriptions
  • Blogs or articles

Tell me who it’s needed for and when you need it by.

After we have spoken on the phone I’ll email you a proposal with an estimate for the work.

We’ll need to spend some time together and I’ll put together a web content brief. If we can meet up for this, great. Or we can talk on the phone, Skype or by email.

When we meet, I ask you lots of questions so that I can thoroughly understand your business, your vision and goals, the industry, market, customers and competitors.

I’ll look at any current marketing materials. We’ll establish the tone of voice, the people you wish to target and what you want to achieve from this project.

Confirming the work

After that I email you to confirm the work, the costs and the  terms of business. I generally require a 50% deposit or 100% up front if it’s an initial project.

Going Ahead

Using all the information you have given me, my research and the web content brief, I write the first draft.

  • I’ll include the keywords and phrases you’ve given me for search engine optimisation
  • I’ll add titles, headings, descriptions and formatting
  • I’ll write in the tone of voice that you requested
  • I’ll critique my work and produce the first draft.

You look at it, say: “Great” or: “Can we tweak this a bit and take this bit out?” I then do a final version.

The partners involved

I quickly fit into your team. Or I bring in specialists in search engine optimisation, web design and web development – trusted experts who I like and trust, I am sure you will too.

The important thing is: we do a good job without any hassle.

What next?

Contact Tresil to discuss your web or content management project. Phone me now on: 07711 361532.