Website copywriting

The primary skill of website copywriting is to keep your reader wanting more. More information. More reasons to buy.

Words are far more powerful than many people give them credit for.

Are you providing value-delivering or cost-saving services? Are you responsible for corporate websites, landing pages, an e-commerce site or a non-commercial site providing information and support?

What purpose do you want the website to fulfil?

Before I begin writing about your services, we need to agree the site purpose. Are you providing information or looking for a sale?

My job is to interpret your business needs and make sure the content delivers.

There is so much a website can do:

  • Promote your services
  • Give examples of projects completed, in clients’ own words
  • Sign up new clients.

That’s why you need a professional website copywriter.

On a corporate site, we want to give enough information to encourage the reader to progress through the site and do what we want them to do.

We need simple, clear, concise, helpful, persuasive, actionable content.
As a professional website copywriter, I know how to write content which (a) keeps people reading and (b) persuades them to buy.

It’s easy to miss what’s important on a website. Visitors can’t see everything in one glance.

We must give them the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’. Then, even if they click away, they have seen the essential information.

There’s no guarantee people will visit your site so I use SEO copywriting to help with promotion.

As one of the 6 laws in the psychology of persuasion (Dr Robert Cialdini), writing more case studies will provide the social proof your potential clients are seeking.

It’s not all about the copy.

Beyond the written word, there are videos, photos and visual media. This is when I bring in agency colleagues.

Designers will make the site look good and work properly while the words will inform, persuade and sell.

Calling in a professional copywriter with the right skills, knowledge and experience will achieve this for you.

When a freelance website copywriter creates your content

Hiring a website copywriter will enable you to spend your time more productively.

  • The copywriting will be finished quickly. When your developer presents the first website design, actual content will be included and you can see the finished result before it goes live.
  • Your content will be written using a tone of voice which speaks to your target audience.
  • The words will be fuelled by research, knowledge and experience.
    Your website will go live sooner meaning you will profit earlier from the goals you set for it to achieve for you.

Call me in for your next website copywriting project.

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