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You’re looking for a professional product description copywriter to influence buyers. 

Are you a product manufacturer, inventor or retailer?

There are several reasons why it is advisable to call in a product description copywriter.

It takes time, skill and concentration to write them. 

When writing product descriptions, it’s important to write about the ‘why’ along with the ‘what’.

Let’s look at one of my examples.

  • Why would someone buy this laptop?
  • How will it impact a person’s working day?
  • Is it fast or slow? Why does that matter?

Be sure to include these kinds of details in your product descriptions. They will help people to buy your products instead of someone else’s. 

Write standout product descriptions

Make sure to write your product descriptions with impact.

Prospective customers search your products before they buy. What do they experience? Are your competitors doing better?

People can’t see or touch your products. They rely on:

a) the words and

b) the pictures.

They are your showcase.

A product description copywriter will encourage browsers to buy

The words describing your products can make a world of difference.

Your product description needs to speak to the audience. If products aren’t selling, maybe the words are the problem. 

Do they want to know what happens in the making of your products? The story behind your company and the reason it exists? Are they interested in your business ethics? If so, this will influence sales. 

Well-written product descriptions impel people to buy. Again and again.

Give your potential customers all the information they want to help them quickly make a buying decision.

Experience in product descriptions copywriting

My product descriptions have sold:

  • Vegan fragrance
  • Computers 
  • Venetian masks
  • Home appliances, and
  • Occupational health equipment

All through e-commerce websites.

View testimonials for customer recommendations. 

Create well-crafted descriptions for your products. Explain exactly why and how people will benefit when using them. 

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