More About Sue

I set up Tresil to specialise in writing content that sells.

Write to Sell

Companies need compelling content that persuades people to buy services and products. They need:

  • Winning web pages
  • Impressive LinkedIn profiles
  • Irresistible marketing emails.

Highly Rated

A client has this to say about me: “Sue writes content that makes people want to do business with you.”

I am a trained and experienced search engine marketing copywriter.

But what does that mean? I write about your products and services in a way which converts website visitors into customers.

Sometimes, I partner with SEO specialists, web designers or marketing agencies and we work together on client projects. Some of my clients are direct.


I have 12 years’ experience as a content management specialist.

I have written, edited, organised and improved hundreds of web pages on huge websites for international IT companies and the NHS – and managed web projects to launch new sites.

My clients are in technology, construction, engineering, health, wellbeing and beauty, financial services, legal services, home appliances, recruitment, HR and the NHS.

Some would say I’m the go-to expert on writing and marketing digital content – so if you are stuck for the right words to write – book a consultation with me and grab yourself some free advice.

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Call me today on 07711 361532.