Email copywriting

Email copywriting services for marketing campaigns

Are you looking for an email copywriter?

Am I right in thinking you’re here because your emails aren’t being opened?

You are growing your business and building a list of prospective customers.
If so, you know the value in professional copywriting and will be looking for ways to keep in touch with them.

You’ll need a content strategy, an editorial plan and regular bespoke emails conveying essential messages to your target customers persuading them to take action.

Perhaps you are already emailing clients and prospects each month and wish you could increase the open rate.

The two biggest challenges are writing something people will read and that makes them want to buy.

I’ll work with you to come up with a content calendar to plan. This will show us what to send to who and when.

Leave it to me and, following the plan, I’ll write copy to persuade the reader to take action.

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Email copywriting to keep your pipeline full

In business, we meet new people every day:

  • At business networking events
  • At conferences and exhibitions
  • Collaborating on projects
  • On social media sites.

Some people are interested in your services but may not be ready to use them just now. They may not be aware of the extent of your services.

Keep in touch by sending them well-written, relevant and interesting emails. Until they are ready to buy.

When you write to your target prospects, you are keeping open an opportunity for business.

Never give up

It could take months, even years. But if you are the person who stays in touch, you are the person a prospect will go to.

Valuable content makes your customers happy

Everyone appreciates receiving information which will help them save time, reduce hassle, save money, make money or make life easier. You hold the key to that content.

Send them hints and tips, research on a topic they hold dear, news which helps them stay ahead of their competitors.

Make sure your communications are interesting so they’ll look forward to receiving them.

Remember your existing and lapsed customers

Use emails to keep in touch with prospects and clients.

Make it easy for clients to remember you. Good communications work wonders.

Giving valuable information away for free is excellent customer service. And it pays you back.

If you relentlessly give helpful information, you will be remembered.

Want help with copywriting excellent emails?

Let’s talk about what you want to achieve and how a copywriter can persuade your readers to take action.

How to get started: contact me by email.
Or phone today on 07711 361532.