Introducing freelance copywriting services by Sue at Tresil, Manchester.

Writing presents a challenge for most businesspeople.

Yet copywriting is an essential marketing communications skill. And one we must use effectively to succeed in business.

The merits of hiring a freelance copywriter

You know what you want to say but choosing the right words is causing you to hesitate.

It doesn’t sound quite right.

Or convey the message in the way you want it to.

You’ve made several attempts and put it aside.

Finding time to concentrate on writing is proving impossible with the constant daily demands of your job.

Meanwhile, your website project is at a standstill because the developer needs content.

The longer it remains unfinished, the longer becomes the delay in the leads and sales you targeted it to generate. It’s a stress you don’t need.

So here is what I suggest.

Why not leave the copywriting to me while you focus on what you do best?

Using my skill as a freelance copywriter, I will create content with the right balance of detail and persuasion to appeal to your target clients. And pay attention to the all-important ‘tone of voice’.

Individual copywriting skills

Would you like me to write any of these types and styles of content for you?

  • Website copy describing the features and benefits of your services in as few words as possible on your corporate site, e-commerce site or landing pages
  • SEO content where we include words and tags for search engines to recognise without losing reader appeal
  • Case studies – customer stories to reassure new clients of your abilities and strengths (social proof)
  • Product descriptions for success in your e-commerce sales
  • Articles and blogs to give your readers the benefit of your in-depth knowledge, making you stand out as the leader in your niche
  • Video scripts to complement the film and instil a memorable image in your viewers’ minds.
  • A brochure to place in the hands of your preferred clients, presenting your company story with style.

Then, my words can help you.

It works out best to involve me as early as possible in the process. I work with clients direct and with their marketing agencies. My content review or content strategy and planning service may help.

Why my freelance copywriting services?

As one of my ideal clients, I’d like to help you.

I know that your customers will receive a better service (or products) when they buy from you in preference to a competitor. That’s why I’d like to offer my copywriting services to help make your communications work harder.

My writing is bespoke to your business, clients, the industry you operate in and the results you want to achieve. High-quality content always succeeds when communicating online, in print and video.

This in turn helps you build and maintain relationships with your prospects and clients, creating new business opportunities.

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