Case Study Writing

The best way to affirm your excellent reputation is by case study: a story told in the words of your customers.

Case study writing is highly recommended.

Case studies communicate your success stories, in clients’ own words. They present your social proof – a huge advantage in persuasive copywriting.

And you can use them in all your marketing communications.

Case study writing leads clients to your door

Your communications – website, emails, advertising, sales literature – are all the more compelling when the praise for your services comes from your customers.

Create new marketing content around the reasons why your clients love what you do for them.

It builds trust and helps people buy from you.

Successful businesses already have a wealth of testimonials and case studies. But sometimes they’re out of sight, hidden beneath other content. Bring them to the top and make them unmissable.

Case studies are the best way to tell people about you, your services, your business, your ethics, what you are like to work with and more.

Few people buy the first time they hear about a potential supplier. First, they’ll make some enquiries, ask other people, check them out. For this reason, case studies are essential.

It helps build your reputation using ‘know, like, trust’ – intrinsic in all of us.

Would you like me to create one or more case studies to promote your business?

How the Tresil case study writing service works

A case study tells the story of your clients’ experience in using your services. It’s powerful because it’s written from their perspective and includes their quotes.

When you ask me to write case studies about your chosen clients, I interview them over the phone or in person. These insights give me the content for the case study.

It is possible of course to write your own case studies. But beware you may underestimate the value your clients recognise in you. In one interview, my client’s customer said: “I could not run my business without them.”

If you have read this far, it would be remiss of me not to show you what my clients say about me. Here is my Reviews page. They are taken from testimonials given independently on LinkedIn and Google.

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