Brochure copywriter

Brochure copywriter for Manchester agencies and businesses

Do you need a brochure copywriter to create the content for your next printed brochure?

Even though businesses market mostly online, there is still a place for printed corporate brochures.

A brochure gets your content out in people’s hands.

Practical uses for a printed brochure

  • Sales teams will hand them out to prospects
  • You can give them out at exhibitions to warm up visitors to your stand
  • A brochure can accompany any submission of tenders for business
  • Put it in the literature stand in your reception area for visitors to read while they’re waiting.

Designer-looking, a brochure gives the impression the company is financially strong and with a story to tell. 

A printed brochure may do more than you think to help:

  • Generate leads
  • Win orders
  • Reassure customers you’re big enough to be an effective supplier or partner
  • Encourage free trials or demonstrations of your product
  • Improve people’s perception of your company
  • Show existing customers the full range of things you could do for them
  • Support your rebranding and new company strategy.

You’ll need to include detail. For example, a visitor to your exhibition stand may need to convince their finance director your product is a wise purchase. A brochure can help your prospect carry out the due diligence to justify their purchase.

The best brochures focus on the reader

They describe how the product will solve the readers’ problems.

And give them reasons to buy.

Easier said than done. And you may be asking yourself:

  • Exactly what words should I use?
  • How do I get the tone of voice right?
  • How will the brochure complement my internet marketing?
  • Where will I find the time to write?
  • How do I make the brochure speak directly to my audience?

You now realise this is a job for a professional brochure copywriter.

Make information easy to digest

In your brochure, you need to achieve the balance between providing all the facts while leaving out over-detailed product information.

You don’t want to come across as overexaggerating, too technical or verbose.

You want to include relevant testimonials and have clients describe how their lives improved, felt better and so on.

Next, there’s the format

Structure the brochure in a way that makes the reader take their time to read every page.

Paragraphs are better broken into blocks of 4-5 sentences to make them easy to read in the columns of the brochure.

Keep your sentences uncluttered by forming bulleted lists, a brief timeline, a Q&A section.

A brochure copywriter will help you achieve all this.

And that’s where I come in.

I will work with your designer, photographer, illustrator and printer and liaise with people who need to be consulted to review and sign off proofs.

For effective words for your next brochure, call now or send an email.