About Tresil

Freelance copywriter for agencies, businesses and public sector companies.

Are you looking to create online, printed and video communications to promote new services as your company grows?

Do you wish you were more influential in your marketing communications?

Would you like to target your communications for specific audiences to help you win more ideal clients?

As a professional copywriter, I’ve been asked to: “work my magic with words” and I can help you.

I write good, clean, crisp, money-making content which persuades people to buy your services and products – instead of someone else’s.

Got a question about your website? Call now on 07711 361532

Got a question about your website? Call now on 07711 361532

Why Choose Tresil?

  • As a generalist copywriter, I work with a broad spectrum of businesses. This approach is motivating and continually expands my business knowledge. It helps me present your business in the best light – and especially benefits agencies whose clients are in various sectors.
  • My knowledge, experience and interest in content creation and management sparked in 2006 when I joined an international IT company as their Intranet Manager. I continued in the corporate world: writing, editing and organising the production of content for large companies until joining the NHS in 2012. Here, I worked with some wonderful people in the Marketing and Communications team in an NHS Trust. Find out more in my LinkedIn profile.
  • Thanks to continuous learning, and an avid curiosity about how things work and how companies operate, I ask the important questions which any copywriter must ask if she wants to write the best possible content for clients. These conversations start when we first meet and continue throughout the project. They are an essential and enjoyable part of the copywriting process which works best in helping me achieve the best results for you.
  • Based in Manchester, UK, my clients work locally and nationally, large and small. Businesses with plans to grow, or they’re extending their services, benefit the most from my services and I’ll list these later.
  • As an agency copywriter, I become part of your team as a ‘white label’ copywriter or working with your client on specific web developments, reducing delays (waiting for content) and finishing projects sooner.
  • Being freelance means I can support agencies and  businesses directly whenever they need the support of an excellent copywriter.
  • I’m a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

What clients say

The testimonials and portfolio pages on my website describe my work – hear what clients have to say. Other testimonials are on LinkedIn and Google (5-star reviews).

What type of communications do I write?

Web content, service and product descriptions, case studies, marketing campaign emails, corporate brochures, landing pages, microsites, advertising flyers, articles and blogs, video scripts, infographics, white papers and sales literature.

Who do I write for?

Marketing agencies, brand consultants, property developers, managers and investors, fire safety assessors, occupational health equipment suppliers, vegan businesses, HR consultants, medical consultants, private health providers, NHS medical professionals, accountants, lawyers, financial planners, insurance professionals, IT consultants, project managers, recruitment consultants, business coaches, mentors, therapists, make-up artists, electrical contractors, home appliance online retailers, children’s nurseries, search engine optimisation specialists and web developers.

What do I write about?

Lifestyles in later life, health, well-being and fitness, retirement, vegan products, property investment and management, co-living and short-term house rentals, fire safety, medical equipment, quality management and standards (ISO), IT services and project management, data networks, telecommunications, personal computers, business protection, accountancy, financial planning, procurement in small businesses, shot blast machinery, legal services, healthcare technology, healthcare provision, energy-saving products, video production, walking holidays, antique valuations, party products, children’s nurseries, health and safety.

Get in touch when you need help with your next copywriting project: 07711 361532.