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Freelance copywriter for agencies and companies of all sizes

An experienced freelance copywriter with a distinct purpose: the intention to make a profitable difference to your company.

Is there something you need to write? For a website, email, to accompany a video or another marketing communication?

All businesspeople need to write content from time to time.

And often, they expect to be able to write it themselves.

But copywriting is a distinct skill. It is marketing and sales writing.

This is not the writing we learnt in school or college.

So the moment you pick up your pen or open your laptop, it is no wonder that in no time at all you’re staring at an empty screen or a blank sheet of paper.

Two hours pass and the words don’t come.

You stop. Get up.

There is something you must attend to.

And so begins a familiar pattern.

Your web page, email or video script remains unwritten.

And the sales results you forecast your communications would lead to remain unachieved.

It is far easier to explain what you need to a professional copywriter

Than attempt to write it yourself.

Let me write the words for your web, print and video communications.

Rest assured, they will be written using the right tone of voice and include the right amount of detail and persuasion for your target audience.

And it will help the search engines find you (SEO copywriting adds another dimension).

When you consider the potential for increased sales, the cost of hiring a copywriter is minimal.

Our next step is to talk about the kind of communications you’d like me to write. It could be one or more of the following. 

  • Email copywriting to market a new service. You want to persuade a higher percentage of prospects and existing customers to buy
  • Website copywriting to showcase your company’s services, to spark interest and lead to new and repeat orders. 
  • SEO copywriting – a copywriting skill used to help your preferred customers find you
  • Article and blog copywriting to deepen your readers’ understanding of your profession and make them more knowledgeable (strengthening your position in the market as a result)
  • Case study writing to detail why other people rate your services so highly (this social proof tactic is highly persuasive)
  • Content strategy and planning to align your marketing with business goals
  • Video script copywriting to make people remember you, feel interested and want to do business with you
  • Brochure copywriting when you want to present your company in the best light and help bring you new clients
  • Product descriptions to make people think: “Now that would make life easier,” and click to buy.

Still unsure about the need for a freelance copywriter?

See who’s recommended me and what their testimonials say.

I’m here to listen to you. And to develop your ideas into effective copywriting that works to achieve your objectives. 

Perhaps you’re getting ready to write for the web, print or video or need assistance with content strategy and planning.

Or would you like a professional opinion and a thorough content review? Thorough planning is always a good place to start. 

That’s why I recommend we talk now. Let’s have a chat about what you need. 07711 361532.

Call now or fill in the contact form and I’ll call you back when convenient.

Sue Lister of Tresil Web Solutions - Website copywriting Cheshire

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As you’d expect from a freelance copywriter, I’m flexible. I’m from Manchester and work around the North West and beyond. I’m happy with online meetings, face to face chats over coffee or perhaps you’d like to join me on a ‘netwalk’ (my favourite way to meet people). Take a look at my services. See who I’ve written for and what they say.

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