How to write a high-converting email

How to write a high-converting email
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As you know, the written word can take on a power of its own.

The right words can make people like you, trust you and buy from you. When they’re happy they come back and buy more.

Everyone has the power to write with enthusiasm and determination. If only we had the time.

Here’s a checklist you can use to review and improve an email before you press Send.

Make business happen when you’re at work – and while you’re away.

  1. The headline of your email
    • Is it 5-9 words long?
    • Be specific. State what you are offering and how the reader will benefit. Clarity and relevance will earn you their click.
    • Does it state a major benefit – is there enough appeal for your reader to read on and find out more?
    • The purpose of a headline is to move the reader to the next sentence and read the whole paragraph
    • If the headline is read on a mobile, will the whole headline be visible? If not, which words will be seen? Make sure they’re the ones you most want to be read. The first 5 words – and the first 5 seconds it takes to read your headline – will make the biggest impression
    • 80% of your readers will read the headline. 20% will read the beyond it. The more relevant and persuasive, the better the result.
  2. Begin every email with a personal introduction such as:
    • ‘Hi Sue’ or ‘Dear Peter’
  3. Does the first sentence (after the headline) introduce the email in a compelling way?
    • Is it informative and easy to understand?
    • Does it focus on what you will do next to help your reader?
    • Has a change in the industry lead to a greater need for one of your services or products?
    • Have you improved your service or introduced something new which would help your prospective customer?
    • Don’t deny your reader the opportunity to become another happy customer.
  4. Are your sentences and paragraphs nice and short?
    • Up to 79% of your readers will use a mobile to access their emails.
    • Make yours easy to scroll by keeping sentences succinct. Get to the point fast and avoid your email being deleted.
  5. Have you succumbed to writing about yourself?
    • What words begin your sentences?
    • Do a quick check: How many ‘I’, how many ‘we’?
    • At least two-thirds must be in the second person – you/yours
    • If you use ‘we’, write in the collective sense as if you are saying ‘this is about you and me’.
  6. Call to action – the ‘Do this Now’ phrase. What is the purpose of this email? Do you want your reader to
    • Pick up the phone and make an enquiry?
    • Book an appointment?
    • Subscribe to a paid regular service?
    • Join your email list?
    • Download a useful guide or hints and tips?

Write with the end in mind (remember the second of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – ‘begin with the end in mind’). Focus on the task you want your reader to complete and your understanding of your reader’s needs.

Is there a special, time-limited offer? What will your reader get when he or she signs up or buys or phones you?

  1. One more thing. Read your writing out loud. How does it sound? Does it flow well?
  2. In your email software, set the date when you want your email (or sequence of emails) to be sent.

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