Why it’s important to update your website

Who is responsible for updating the website on your team?

Is it considered important?

If yes, is the task listed as a priority in your standard operating procedures or business process manual?

If no, why? What is the purpose of your website? Who does it serve?

Has the job lapsed? No-one knows who’s responsible or someone has left and the task missed?

Updating your website is critical

You may wonder about the significance of these questions.

Does it really matter if updates are left for a day or two – or even longer?

And the answer is: it depends.

It depends upon the people who are depending on the information.

Do those people need the information to be correct? What will happen if it is not?

Let’s consider a scenario.

A person comes to your site because she has a serious mental health issue.

She needs immediate help.

As we know, there are limited resources for this kind of support.

There is no mental health emergency service in this country. (But that is a whole other topic.)

Your website lists the few places she can go to that very day for help.

She notes the address and decides to use Google maps to help her find it later.

But you have moved address and not updated the website.

Does this matter?

To some of us, probably not. We’d feel irritated at the misleading information.

But consider someone who has a serious mental health issue that day.

Someone who has described themselves as ‘desperately in need of help’.

The kind of person who is unable to think clearly that day.

A person who feels lost and unable to go on.

They arrive. It is dark now. The area is unfamiliar to them.

Imagine for a moment.

In their most desolate and vulnerable moment, how would that person feel?

What might the consequences be?

Could it cause an emergency?

Updating times, dates, addresses and directions on a website may seem mundane to us.

No-one’s perfect, mistakes happen, we may say.

But these kinds of errors must be avoided.

When a human being’s well-being could be at risk.

Check and update your website today.

You could avert a crisis.


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