Tune up your web content writing – tips for results

How to get back every penny you spend on your website

Is your website an asset or a hindrance?

Start today by investing time in the quality of writing and you will soon be on the path to more profit from your website.

Let me give you a few web content writing tips.

Take your content quality efforts up a notch

Sizzle it up. Relevant, informative, helpful content will attract people and keep them interested enough to buy.

When your search engine optimisation tactics are bringing in visitors, you need the content to convert them into paying customers.

It must be up to the mark to win that conversion.

  • You must have something meaningful to say
  • You must write about something that interests your prospective customers.

Give people content that will help them.

How much should you write?

Enough to make your point and no more. Cut as much as you can without losing impact.

What you must focus on is getting people to complete the desired task:

  • After reading your content, what do you want your selected visitors to do next?

Goals + action = success

You might want people to:

  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Order your white paper
  • Buy your book
  • Book to attend your workshop
  • Hire you as their coach or mentor
  • Call to book a training session
  • Request a free trial of your product
  • Send their children to your nursery
  • Stay at your hotel
  • Try your new magazine
  • Sign up to your blog
  • Invest in your business.

Each of these tasks is a measurable goal that will tell you the success of your website.

Write each page to take your readers through to that goal.

Asking for the order – the ‘call to action’

A clear call to action must lead people to complete the task. People expect to be told what to do next. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to move them towards a sale.

How to convince your reader to complete the task

Your typical prospect will be persuaded to take the desired action if you:

  • Make it clear how much easier their lives will be by using what you’re selling
  • Handle their objections
  • Show evidence (such as case studies and testimonials) to endorse and give assurance in what you’re saying
  • Provide full details of how to order or how to take the desired action.

What to leave out

  • Verbose descriptions of your company, its mission or values
  • Descriptions about how exciting, fantastic, unique, amazing or incredible you think your service or product is
  • Everything that is irrelevant to the subject or the desired action.

More web content writing tips

You may find it helps to structure your web page content with:

  • A line at the top calling the attention of your prospective customers
  • A benefit-promising headline
  • Subheadings that together summarise the message
  • Body copy describing what your product or service does, rather than what it is. Remember that benefits will catch your reader’s interest.

Follow these web content writing tips to achieve the sales goals you have set for your website.

You may find it useful to create a checklist from the above points. You can tailor it to your own business and use it as a template for improving all your web page content.

Have you found these hints useful? Do you have anything to add? Let me know – your comments are welcome.


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