Video Script Copywriting

Tone of voice is all-important when video script copywriting.

On video, we must get straight to the point to captivate the viewer.

No long-windedness, jargon or hyperbole.

Plain facts in plain English.

As with any film, we are looking to keep our viewers watching through to the end.

Your audience is there because it is relevant to them. So we need to present the video topic to them in a succinct, enlightening style.

As an example, a 2-minute video can convert more website visitors.

You can depend on better results when an experienced video script copywriter creates your video scripts. Would you like to request a quotation?

I offer a video script copywriting service for video production teams and marketing agencies who need captivating scripts for their video productions.

How to prepare a video script

The best way to get the most out of your video is to prepare.

And that calls for the script to be helpful, relevant and concise.

You need to be clear about:

  • The viewers you are communicating with
  • Who your video is intended for, and
  • The purpose of your video.

What will the viewer find useful?

Think carefully about what you want to say. Pay attention to what the viewer wants to hear rather than what you want to say. Write with rhythm, flow and emphasis.

How long is your video going to be?

For a one-minute video, you’ll need a script of up to 220 words.

Focus on one main topic.

You want your viewers to watch through to the end. People are easily distracted so make sure the most important point of your video appears within the first few seconds.

Call to action

What do you want people to do after watching your video?

Include a call to action including your phone number, email address and a link to your website. Give the viewer a reason to get in touch with you for more in-depth information or a special offer, for example.

When copywriting your video script, use short sentences and short words which are easy to pronounce.

Read the script out loud and time it. If you stumble over a word, change it.

After reading the first draft of your video script, you may decide to edit it to make it conversational. Make it feel as though you are talking directly to the viewer and use the words ‘you’ more often than ‘I’ and ‘We’.

Connect with your audience

One of the benefits of filming a video is the way people can see your personality as you speak. They get to know how it will feel talking to you and asking questions.

At this stage, it becomes clear that video script copywriting is more difficult than it seems.

I work with video production teams and marketing agencies to write the scripts to accompany captivating videos.

Please get in touch to ask about a professionally written script to complement your next video. Call me, Sue, on 07711 361532. Or contact me by email.