To People Who Want To Write But Can’t Get Started


Have you ever hired a copywriter?


Or do you prefer to write your own communications? Do you keep your website content up to date? Are your emails opened and replied to?


If your website is bringing you business enquiries and your emails are getting good response rates, perhaps you don’t need a copywriter.


But what if you could do better?


What if you could write better communications in less time?

When I am networking, there is one particular tip I have given people, and it has really helped them.


In the course of running a business, a department, a team, a process, we are focused on many tasks at the same time.


Yet in order to write well, we need to concentrate on what we are writing – without the distraction of everyday responsibilities.


Sometimes it helps to put our writing away for a short while until we have cleared tasks in hand. We then return to our writing with a clear and focused mind.


Sometimes it helps to get out in the fresh air, get some exercise, cook a meal, play some music, to do something creative, to stimulate the brain into producing the message we want to convey.


As successful business owners, directors and managers we are, every day, persuading people to take a course of action: to buy a product or service, to follow an instruction, to make a phone call.


Face to face, many of us find it easy to communicate. We articulate to others the facts and features about our service or product.  We can convey with passion how our service or product will benefit people.


Yet we can’t always be there, face to face, in front of our prospective customers. And it is then that we need to rely on the written word.


If you can communicate face to face with success you can write successfully too, persuasively. There is an easy way. And it might be worth giving it a try. Because you want to get the same results from your written messages as you do from your face to face communications.

Record them

Switch on the record button on your phone and imagine you are telling one of your prospective customers about your product or service.


Speak as if your prospective customer is sitting opposite you and is nodding in agreement as you explain the benefits to him or her.


Then, play back your recorded speech and write it down.


Why will it work?


The written word is organised speech. And a conversational tone of voice works best on the web, in emails and – in printed communications.


If you record the conversation and write it down, you will create a great first draft to edit.

Because you know that your conversations work, you win business face to face. This way, you are using the same technique but in writing.


Give it a try next time you are stuck for words when you need to write an important piece of content.


And let me know if it works for you.

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