Is it time to improve your web content? 20 simple tips

Have you updated your web content recently?

Perhaps you’re wondering where to start, what to do first. If so, here is a checklist to help you.

Where to start

Always go back to basics when you review your website content.

Choose one page and start with that. Aim to make it more persuasive. Then work on the rest.

Ask yourself these questions. Then make the changes and see an immediate improvement in the quality of your web content.

  1. Headline – or the first words a reader sees on opening your website. Do they tell the reader what the site is about?
  2. Calls to action or the ‘do something now’ button. Do they stand out?
  3. Are you asking for replies and action? Is it easy to contact you? Does the phone number stand out on every page?
  4. Can people add their email address to receive updates and information from you?
  5. Is it easy to read? Test yourself using this easy yet little-known tool available to all of us: the Flesch Readability Scoring tool in Word (and can be used with Google Docs). See a full explanation in this blog post. Aim for a Flesch reading ease score of 55% or higher and a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 5-8.
  6. Write using active (rather than passive) verbs for most of the time.
  7. Imagine you are your reader. What would make a prospect buy from you? Write lots of notes.
  8. Consider the reason why your website is there: to increase revenue, reduce cost or to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Remember this in every word you write. Your website is part of the marketing plan which takes your business forward.
  9. Is the format easy on the eye? Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Numbered or bulleted lists. Sub-headings to break up the text. Plenty of white space around the words. People scan websites in a quick search for answers to their questions. Our eyes spot messages more easily if they are clearly set out on the screen (and not buried within superfluous words).
  10. Does the tone of voice suit your brand and reader?
  11. Clarity. Is it clear how the problem will be solved?  Is it easy to understand how the reader will benefit?
  12. Persuasion. People are keen to know how they will benefit. Tell them what your service or products can do for them.
  13. Reviews. Testimonials, case studies, evidence of being recommended – are they abundant on your site?

Now, what to cut from your website

  1. Conceit. ‘I am great’ or ‘our product is best’ statements won’t convert visitors into customers.
  2. ‘Welcome to.’ Instead, describe the service or product. Be informative and helpful from the first moment your web visitor arrives.
  3. ‘We are excited, passionate…’ People want to read about how you can help them not how you feel about your own achievements.
  4. Talking only about yourself. Readers will leave to find help elsewhere.
  5. Too many ‘I’, ‘We’, ‘Our’? Use ‘You’, ‘Yours’ instead.
  6. Business clichés, jargon. Be inclusive. Avoid running the risk of excluding someone who may influence one of your contacts to buy from you.
  7. Mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Distractions like an incorrect apostrophe do nothing to help persuade the reader that you are the best person to buy from. Instead, you run the risk of appearing to be unprofessional (or lacking care and attention to detail).

Your favourite website

  • What do you like about it?
  • Why is easy to use?
  • Do you do what you intended to do every time you visit it?

Put your own website at the top of your favourites list.

The pride you feel in your own website and what it does for you is justified. It will pay you back time and again.

Smile and enjoy the results from these changes

These tips are easy for everyone to implement and will make a difference to your results. People will find it easier to get absorbed in your content.

They will understand more clearly how they can benefit from the information you are giving them. This keeps them interested. They come back and this helps you build a positive relationship with them until they are ready to buy.

Keep on measuring your results so you know what to keep doing and what to change.

Happy writing

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