Social media content creation

Social media content creation to help grow your business

Tresil offers a social media content creation service for clients who want great results when they publish:

  • Blog posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Newsletters and
  • Emails

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To blog or not to blog

As a business owner, people ask, “How will blogging benefit me?”

  • Everyone wants to be well-informed. When people hesitate to buy your services or products it is often because they have questions about it. A blog is an opportunity to answer them. Send relevant content on a regular basis to your target audience and over time the knowledge they get from you makes them more inclined to buy.
  • When you have a large, up-to-date contacts list, review how often you communicate with them. Many of your prospects will be interested in your offerings but not yet ready to buy. Keep in touch by sending them interesting and informative blog posts until one day they become a customer.
  • Choosing a professional service is rarely done on impulse. We need information. We like to do our research. And we check a company’s reputation. When we have all the facts, we may be more ready to pick up the phone and make an enquiry. This is the ideal ‘call to action’ (the ‘do something’ button) to aim for when writing a blog.

There are many other reasons why a series of well-written, well-researched blogs may help your target audience buy from you.

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A good example

Clients achieve a much higher conversion rate thanks to click-throughs from the blog posts I write.

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