The secret ingredient of web content writing

Twice this week it came to my mind how even one secret ingredient can make all the difference to a piece of website copy.


It happened while I was making a fresh tomato sauce for my pasta lunch.


Back from Sicily last month I bought some Etna-grown dried basil.  A wonderfully aromatic herb thanks to the fertile volcanic soil on which it grows, it brings life to tomato sauce giving gourmet taste to an everyday diet staple.


And why secret?


Because you hardly know it’s there. Or why the sauce tastes so good. It just does.


And it can be the same with research for writing web content.


The more I listen to my customers, the more likely they are to reveal the ‘secret ingredient’ in their services.


Sometimes, it’s their best kept secret. But to their customers, it’s why they choose them. And it must be uncovered and emphasised on their website.


These nuggets of information are rarely uncovered in the first conversation.  It’s usually when we are really getting down into the detail. And it is often that detail that makes a business unique and why they are so successful.


Research is the biggest part of my job and the most fascinating part.


The importance of accurate and thorough research cannot be over emphasised. Without it, you would have to make it up. And there’s nothing creative in that.


Every week I write about a different topic and each time, through my web content writing, I help to present my customers and their businesses in the best light.


I always put in the ‘basil’ and infuse my copy with it.


What secret ingredients have you uncovered? Do share.

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