SEO Copywriting

Is your website attracting visitors who are searching for your services and products?

Does your content clearly explain what you do and who you help?

Is the content of sufficiently high quality to make people want to buy?

Search Engine Optimised Copywriting

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about people and what they are searching for on the web.

Imagine you’re on the high street and want to buy a new tie for a wedding. You’ll find the shop who sells the best ties.

It’s the same on the web.

The customer looks for the website or online shop which sells the best ties – and goes in.

The difference is: a search engine (rather than a store guide) helps them find it.

Why should SEO matter to you?

A search engine is important to you because it can send you a good prospect and stop them going to someone else. This is important whether you are:

  • Making a direct sale from the website, or
  • Keeping visitors there long enough to find all the information they need
  • What’s more, you want to make sure they gain a good impression.

In amongst all the technical jargon, the result of good SEO is this. Google finds the right prospects and brings them to your site.

This is relevant whether you’re running an online shop or an information service. You know your site serves people better than anyone else. So you want to do your best to make sure they come to you.

That’s the reason for doing SEO right

When we talk about search engine optimisation (SEO), what we also mean is this.

We are providing content to satisfy the reader.

A successful search has brought a prospect to our site and now we must provide the ideal experience – to their advantage and for ours.

It is my skill as an SEO Copywriter to create the content which keeps people interested enough to return your site and become paying customers – or regular information seekers.

This content must appear on your product description page, within your blog posts and all the important pages on your website.

People go to the web for relevant, informative and helpful information which:

  • Answers their questions
  • Recommends a solution to a problem, and
  • Helps them find something they really want.

That’s why Tresil offers this specialised SEO copywriting service. It is a complement to the expertise your technical SEO specialist has used to programme your site to attract search engine traffic.

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