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Is your website winning you the business you expect?

People who succeed in winning business from their websites do 2 things very well:

  1. First, they make their business visible online. Their products and services stand out in search results
  2. Second, they provide quality content that keeps people interested enough to return their site and become paying customers.

Using Tresil to write your digital content means adopting tried and tested techniques that are proven to work.

Proven because they are already winning business for existing customers.

To achieve better results from your web content, find out how Tresil’s SEO copywriting service will help you.

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What does Google want?

People go to the web for:

  • Answers to their questions
  • Solutions to problems and
  • To find something they really want.

Most people ‘google’ to find the answer (Google is still the dominant search engine with 90% market share).

Because you want Google to show them your business, you need to give Google what it wants so that it can meet those searchers’ needs.

If your site provides relevant, informative and helpful information it will rank well. Google favours sites which gives its visitors relevant content.

Google scores the content an ad leads to and gives it a mark for quality.

The more relevant the content is to the ad clicked, the cheaper the ad.

For this reason, it pays to make your content as relevant as possible. That’s where Tresil comes in.

Quality content

As a freelance copywriter, I work with agencies, web developers and technical SEO specialists to create content Google and readers love.

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