Product Descriptions

Are you a product manufacturer, inventor or retailer?

Are your product descriptions helping people to buy your products instead of someone else’s?

Make your product descriptions stand out

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When your prospective customers search yours – and your competitors’ – products before they buy, what is their experience?

What are the words and images in the product description actually telling them?

People can’t see and touch your products. They rely on:

  1. A compelling description, and
  2. A professional photograph.

Make your product descriptions encourage browsers to buy

The words describing your products can make a world of difference.

Are your website visitors browsing or buying?

Do they want to know how your products are made? The story behind your company and the reason it exists? Are they interested in your business ethics?

Well-written product descriptions will tell the story in a way that compels people to buy – again and again.

Give your potential customers all the information they want so they can quickly make a buying decision.

What kind of product descriptions have I written?

My product descriptions have sold vegan fragrance, computers (desktop processors), Venetian masks and domestic appliances through e-commerce websites.

Without a well-crafted product description, a potential customer may fail to understand exactly why he or she would benefit from using your products.

Ask me about the details which make them stand out.

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