Product Descriptions

Are you a product manufacturer, inventor or retailer?

Are your product descriptions helping people to buy your products instead of someone else’s?

Make your product descriptions stand out

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When your prospective customers search yours – and your competitors’ – products before they buy, what is their experience?

What are the words and images in the product description actually telling them?

People can’t see and touch your products. They rely on:

  1. A compelling description, and
  2. A professional photograph.

Make your product descriptions encourage browsers to buy

Tresil partners with Kevin Timmons Photography to produce professional, creative and commercial photographs and wording to make your products stand out.

The results? Better conversion rates. An improvement in your online presence and profitability through high quality, professional images and well-crafted copy.

  • In the studio, Kevin creates a bespoke image that best suits your branding, including background, lighting and choice of lens.
  • At her desk, Sue writes the words which will persuade buyers that your product will solve their problem to give them what they really want.

When product photographs and content combine, you’re on target for best ever results from your e-commerce.

Choose from the various packages available

Please call or email Kevin or Sue to find out which is best for you:

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Sue: 07711 361532,