Persuasive web content writing – keep your reader motivated

Persuasive web content writing – keep your reader motivated

Persuasive writing means describing benefits in a compelling way.

Yet sometimes, even this isn’t enough and we need to come up with more ideas.

Writing to motivate

We may have written about every benefit our reader stands to gain if he owns our products or uses our service. But perhaps the reader still needs to be persuaded.

Scepticism creeps in and although it can seem like pessimism, it’s reluctance. We question ourselves and wonder if we may be making the wrong decision.

What causes doubt?

We worry that, if we buy this thing, what do we stand to lose? And the fear of loss is a stronger motivator than the anticipation of what we might gain.

What’s more, we may be worrying about the reaction of others. How will we be perceived when we buy this product? Will we be admired for our wisdom in choosing it?

How to reassure your reader

When your reader questions what is behind the words of your offering, take them to a testimonial from another happy customer.

Take them to a recommendation which shows there is no catch in your great offer.

Put their mind at rest if they are worrying about hidden charges. If you are offering to save them money, show them example savings from other customers.

People have to believe in your claims before they will buy. Reassuring them in this way will strengthen their belief in your service.

We have to look beyond benefits and understand:

  1. What will motivate people to buy?
  2. And what might demotivate them?

We need to understand what might discourage our reader from doing business with us.

  • What are their frustrations, fears and emotions?
  • What is worrying them?
  • What is their biggest problem?

And help resolve it.

Reduce Fear of Loss

  • Offer an easy payment process, a free trial, a free e-book to download, free delivery.
  • If your product has a ’10-year insurance backed warranty’ say so.
  • If you have independent reviews as a trusted trader on an independent site, make them stand out.

The reassurance of testimonials

Testimonials and case studies reassure people you are safe to do business with. You need real words from real customers on your website.

If in doubt, your reader will check the views of others. Can they trust the claims your website or advert is making? Testimonials are the equivalent of referrals from a friend. Keep your testimonials page up to date.

If your customers aren’t already reviewing your products or services, go and ask for them. They will bring more life to your content and improve results.

If you’re stuck for words and the right messages, try these – and the hints in the Benefits post – to increase your readers’ interest, keep them on your page and clicking all the way to the call to action.

Have you tried any of these techniques?

How did you get on? Did they work?

Feel free to get in touch. Your feedback is welcome.

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