One simple change to boost your sales this year

Are you prepared to win more business this year?

Would you like to have more customers buying from you? And spending more with you, more often?

What are you doing now to increase the likelihood of higher sales in 2019?

Have you considered what you can do to make more people read and respond to your written content?

  • When people read your emails, you want them to take positive action.
  • You want people to concentrate when your social media posts appear in their news feed.
  • You want your content to have a positive effect when people visit your website.
  • You want to be noticed, to be influential and to win your reader’s business. Repeatedly.

We all write. Every single day.

Yet, the skill of writing doesn’t always come easy to us.

When you sit down to write, what are you thinking?

Are you distracted? Who are you thinking about?

Me or you?

There is one word to use above all others in emails, social media and on your website.

It is the word: “you”.

This word has been proven to affect the success of your written content more than any other.

The word “you” makes the difference between your content being read, being replied to – or being ignored.

Unless we are reading about ourselves, we aren’t interested.

If the words in front of our eyes don’t empathise with our situation they feel irrelevant.

It has been a long and challenging day. We are distracted.

You know your service is of genuine value to your reader. That’s why your reader is on your email marketing contacts list.

You owe it to yourself – and to them – to describe your services in a way they’ll understand.


Make your content an easy read.

Get to the point.

Be relevant.

Use ‘you’ instead of ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘our’.

While you have your reader’s attention, your content is all about them.

Never start an email with the words, “I am”.

If you’re interested in reading more on this topic, read this post on keeping people on your web page.

Making this small change in your writing will make a massive difference to your sales this year.

For valuable advice about writing content to impress your ideal clients, please get in touch.

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