How often do you think about your best clients?

How often do you think about your best clients?
grow your business with better writing

Write for your reader: be good to her and she’ll be good for your business

“Constantly,” I hear you say.

How often do you sit down to write an email, a web page or the content for a flyer – only to find the words won’t come?

Where do you start?

The best place to start – and the best person to start with – is your reader.

How much do you know about her?

Who is your ideal customer and why?

Focus on your ideal reader

When we identify an ‘Ideal Reader’ – see Stephen King on Writing – and write for that one person, our writing suddenly changes direction.

Immediately, we take the attention away from ourselves as writers.

Instead, we concentrate on the reasons why the Ideal Reader is interested in our writing and we write purely for him or her. Our writing instantly improves.

In sales and marketing communications, this is the first step in persuading your reader that she should become your customer.

Through your writing, you will have initiated a change of perspective in her mind. She will have started out with one thought and concluded with another – yours.

Good writing respects the reader’s time. She becomes well-informed. She is able to make the right decision – to choose you. This is your ultimate objective in the piece you are writing.

Take this one simple step to improve everything you write: focus on your Ideal Reader.

Write with purpose

Now you understand your Ideal Reader better, you are able to write with purpose.

Your writing will advertise your offer effectively and describe the numerous ways in which you can help by:

  • Offering a solution to the problems your reader is experiencing now
  • Suggesting ways in which you can help your reader overcome her challenges
  • Clarifying how much better her life will be when she is using your services.

These topics offer greater depth and meaning for the reader.

When we write with the reader’s objectives in mind, she feels we understand her and is persuaded as to the reason why she needs our services.

Everyone loves a problem-solver

Of course, you’ll have more than one ‘Ideal Reader’. You will have identified one for this particular campaign or communication – and there will be others.

Different readers have different circumstances and problems. We must personalise our communications to make them relevant to each reader (or group of readers).

  • What situation is facing your reader right now?
  • Has something changed as a result of legislation or have the market conditions changed?
  • Have her challenges increased and she may need extra help?
  • Perhaps you have upgraded your services and these will be even more appropriate to her now?
  • This is your opportunity to change your reader’s life as a result of reading what you have written.

Answer these questions in your mind and write them down using pen and paper – your ideas will flow faster than if you use your computer.

Be helpful. Solve a problem. Offer a solution. What could be more persuasive?

Write with the reader in mind always

Write with purpose for your ideal reader. Keep the purpose in mind. Never lose sight of the problem you are helping the reader solve. Notice the difference your writing will make.

Let me help you write especially for your reader

Grab a half hour consultation with me and we will take a look at the most important communication you are writing now.

Call me today on 07711 361532 before you click “Send”.

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