Mobile home page for Dynamic Technologies

Project Management Consultant and MD of Dynamic Technologies, Andrew Wright, requested some new content for his home page.

He wanted the content to be easy to read on the small screen of a smartphone or tablet.

The existing website has lots of rich content about the numerous projects Andrew has managed. He has a talent for turning complex situations into practical solutions.  It was important to convey this message simply without losing the effect of his work.

We featured 3 key services on the mobile home page with a short story about each one. For further reading, people can click to a detailed service description or book a consultation.

To get started, Andrew and I talked on skype. I asked all the questions which form part of my research. We used skype to review the draft before producing the final version. This was a marked-up copy with ‘call-to-action’ buttons and H1, H2 and H3 tags for headings and subheadings to help Andrew upload the content using a consistent format.

The process worked well, said Andrew, and he was pleased with the result.

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