How to write winning blogs and LinkedIn articles

Are you turning to LinkedIn to attract more ideal clients?

Is the thought of producing volumes of articles and posts holding you back?

You wish it was simple because you know what happens when content hooks into the reader’s brain. They read on and a relationship forms. This reader is your ideal client and your content helps the relationship develop.

You can use LinkedIn articles to take your ideal clients to the brink of doing business with you – and then close the sale. Better still, your content takes on the role of inbound sales meaning you never need to ‘hard sell’ your services to ideal clients. Instead, they come to you. Imagine.

What you need is a way to make the writing part easier. This is why I’m giving you these tips and tricks. Would you like to know how to:

  • Keep coming up with ideas for producing valuable content to post on LinkedIn?
  • Keep your ideal prospective clients interested – and coming back for more?

Then, read on.

You can publish content on LinkedIn by updating your status and by adding a long-form article – the equivalent of a LinkedIn blog.

First, let’s remind ourselves about the power of LinkedIn.

5 reasons why you should make the most of LinkedIn

Whether you like it or not, your presence on social media creates an impression.

  1. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 500 million users. 250 million of those people are active on LinkedIn every month and 3 million share content every week.
  2. Every second, two more people join LinkedIn.
  3. 77% of jobs are posted on to LinkedIn – good news for recruiters, career changers and job seekers.
  4. More and more college students and graduates are joining LinkedIn (perhaps these people are among your ideal clients)
  5. Prospective clients are scrutinising you on LinkedIn. Often, they look to LinkedIn before responding to your email or answering your phone call. This is an enviable opportunity to persuade them – with subtlety – to contact you. What you must do is create valuable content your ideal clients will love.

It’s not about you

The golden rule is to create content your ideal clients want to read. Imagine them asking, “Why should I read this?” They need a reason.

How to make your content a compelling read. 22 topic ideas

People want to learn from other professionals on LinkedIn. These ideas for posts will help your content fit that bill.

  1. Your own experiences and perspective make good stories and become a uniquely interesting read.
  2. Experiences from your career which will interest your readers. Make your posts personal and they’ll stand out, what’s more, it gives your ideal client the opportunity to get to know you.
  3. Ask the customer service and sales teams what questions they’re often asked and make each one the topic of a post.
  4. Questions your customers ask make excellent ‘how to’ posts.
  5. Questions you are asked when giving presentations, or when introducing yourself at networking events – these make good topics for posts.
  6. Attend industry groups, make notes of what’s being said and use them to create articles.
  7. A book review, or the review of a talk you’ve recently attended.
  8. Examples of how people have achieved success in the service you’re offering.
  9. Interview a customer and write it as a case study to demonstrate success in your profession.
  10. Examples of your company’s ethics and standards from a customer’s perspective.
  11. Instructions on how to use and care for a product – or how to get the most out of a service.
  12. A story from your childhood, related to your business or service.
  13. Mistakes to avoid.
  14. Seasonal posts if they’re relevant to your sector or industry.
  15. Is local news relevant? If so, include a round-up of news in your community attaching relevance to your service or company.
  16. Run a survey, share the responses and write an article with a ‘true or false’ headline.
  17. Guest posts – who could you feature in your articles as specialists in your area of expertise?
  18. Infographics or cartoons – could they be used to convey your message in a fun way?
  19. Lessons you’ve learned as a result of a hobby or sport and its relevance to professional services you deliver.
  20. A favourite quote or saying – why you find it memorable and its relevance to your service and customers’ needs.
  21. Something that’s happened in the news that affects your customers, and your own view on it – how it can be turned into an opportunity for your customers. Some latest research just published.
  22. What is happening in your ideal client’s world (as an industry) that you think they’d find interesting? What’s most important to them?

Your ideal client is someone you know and understand

The key is that you understand the daily life of your ideal client and, most importantly, their challenges.

  • What you must always focus on when writing is your ideal client. Not you.
  • Think about what they want to see and read. Not what you want to write.
  • Start by jotting down a list of ideas (from the list above) and things you believe your ideal audience will be interested in.

Companies out there are looking for specialists with your exact personality, strengths, skills and experience. They are your ideal clients, they understand the value in your service and they need you. LinkedIn posts are part of the process to help them come to you.

Enjoy creating content for LinkedIn. Happy writers produce the best content.

Try these tips and tell me how you get on.