How to make more of a success out of your website

How to make more of a success out of your website
Pack each web page with rich content

Pack each web page with rich content

As you know, effective copywriting can massively contribute to the success of a business. You have experienced it for yourself:

The power in good, clean, crisp, money-making content which gives people reasons to buy your products and services instead of someone else’s.

Write with intent to sell

Use tone, language and style to help improve conversion rate. This means more people phoning with an order or enquiry – or the action you chose to measure – as a result of reading your website, email or marketing literature.

Research by international web usability expert Jakob Nielson reports that 50% of the problems people experience when using a website occur as a result of poor copywriting standards.

Everyone appreciates plain English.

That’s why successful business owners have their website pages packed with high-value content.

Words work with the design to help succeed in acquiring leads, sales and customers.

What do we mean by high-value content?

A service description or ‘about’ page needs from 300 to 500 words of informative, helpful and interesting content. The information must be relevant to readers’ needs and clearly expressing how your service will help solve their problem.

Create your content to include:

  • Compelling headlines
  • Persuasive calls to action
  • Ideas to ease readers’ concerns, and
  • Topics of specific interest to your ideal clients.

Without them, precious leads and sales may be lost. Then the site becomes an expensive overhead rather than the income producing asset it is destined to be.

The effective copywriting process begins with identifying what you want to achieve and planning the content to meet your business goals.

How to turn your website into a valuable company asset” describes this in detail.

When you next review your company’s business plan, have this blog post by your side and follow it step by step.

Great content will help you achieve your business goals.

Would you like me to write your content for you?

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