Copywriting and you. Relax and leave it to your imagination

Copywriting and you. Relax and leave it to your imagination

How copywriting absorbs my senses

How much do you write every day? Emails, on your website, in social media? More copywriting than you realise I expect.

The ability to write well will help you to create valuable content which you can use to market your business with greater success.

Sometimes, there is a lot resting on what we write. Who will read it and how will they react? There are times when we really must produce our best communication yet. And we must do it quickly. Does that ever happen to you? How do you go about it?

Because I write for a living, and because I love it, I find ways to take myself away from distractions when I really need to concentrate. I need and I want to write well.

Copywriting starts with a plan…

…and a little imagination

Great copywriting begins with planning and I allow myself a little indulgence at this point.

Copywriting inspiration

Inspired by the view, I start to write

I focus my mind solely on my client’s products and service and let my imagination take over.

Right now, as I think about my client I am wondering what her customers are feeling and wanting. What problems and challenges snap into their mind as they wake?

What can I do to ease them through their day?

After interviewing my client and re-reading my notes, I sit at my extended table.

Softly feeling the oak underneath my fingers, I gaze out to the clear blue sky.

From my south westerly facing window I see my neighbour’s silver birch tree bursting into a fresh new green. An aeroplane makes its mark across the sky – to a far off place I imagine, crystal clear waters and white sands fringed with palm trees.

White fluffy clouds drift by – the cumulus type that resemble cotton wool.

Beyond the garden, the car park is almost empty. Residents are making their daily commute.

Windows among the red and yellow brickwork enveloping their homes smile out from their white rendered annex, ready to welcome their occupants after the toils of the day.

The breeze flutters the silver birch leaves and brings me back to the moment as I reflect in this bright spring morning scene.

Of the 8 homes in my sight I know little. Yet there is one thing we all have in common would we stop to think.

We are rich. If you count rich as meaning there is food on the table, a roof over our heads, family and friends close by or at least as close as a phone screen will bring them.

Gazing once more into the blueness I am lost in the day.

My attention turns to the fascinating insights my client has shared with me about her business and her customers.

Other thoughts leave my mind and I pick up my pen.

Let the words flow

I begin and my copywriting fills the page.

What is your process for concentrating on the task in hand?

What environment do you work in? Have you chosen it? Or has someone else?

Are you alone as you work? Or do you share your workspace with others? Is harmony there?

For inspiration to strike, we all must be in the right place.

Some people produce fine writing in the midst of the office buzz. I never could. I find the place where I can be at my most productive that day and work there.

Suddenly my gaze is drawn to a movement on the mint growing in the pot on my window sill. One of the season’s first ladybirds is travelling up every stem in steady search of nutrients. I’m so grateful. Thanks to him my mint is blooming and my peas are delicious. We all have a place in this world.

Back to nature, back to writing.

If you would like to carry on our conversation, please pick up the phone.

If you are local let’s meet for a coffee. Otherwise, let’s Skype – I am on sue.lister6 – and would love to hear from you.

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