Web content management system essentials

It’s two days since my first WordPress conference – WordCamp Manchester. And I’m even an even bigger fan of WordPress than before.


WordPress is a community of avid sharers.

Talk to anyone and they’ll help.

You don’t have to be a developer to get involved. I’m a web content writer and non-technical help is always welcome.

Conference attendees were from all walks of life. Truly awesome developers. Non-technical people like me (like you?) who have launched their own website. People who after initial training want to manage their own site. Being part of this fantastic community is something I haven’t experienced with other content management systems I’ve used.

More on WordPress later. But first, let me tell you why I think choosing the right content management system will make your website easier to manage.

The Number One question you should ask before choosing a web content management system

How easy is it to use?

Can people easily edit basic content? Such as:

  • Change text?
  • Replace an image?
  • Re-write headings and titles?
  • Add bold and bulleted formatting
  • Add links?

Can all this be done without knowing any computer code?

If you had to explain how to use your content management system to someone else, how long would it take?

Is using your web content management system as easy as browsing the web?


If those steps don’t fit on a post it note, it’s too complicated.

But procedures can be learnt, can’t they? People should make the effort.

People don’t have time.

People do not get up in a morning just to use a content management system

If the system causes them problems, people will find a reason not to use it.

And what does that mean?

Wasted investment in a website that helps no-one.

So, simplify the process.

Make sure your web pages can be updated:

  1. In.
  2. Easy.
  3. Steps.

How to make your content management system users love you

Over the years, as a web content manager, I’ve helped numerous non-web people to turn information into readable web content using a content management system. Sometimes, people blamed themselves. They needn’t have of course. If a system doesn’t work it’s not their fault. The way a content management system works shouldn’t cause stress or frustration. It should help them to do their job.

For me as a web content writer, WordPress is the smart choice. It quickly and easily gets my clients’ messages out there online.

Can you influence the choice of content management system in your company?

Who will be expected to use the system to add content? Let them help you decide.

Want to know a bit about WordPress?

WordPress started out as an easy way to create and maintain a blog. Now, it is a powerful yet easy to use free content management system that runs 16% of all websites on the internet (and growing). About 75 million websites use WordPress.

WordPress can be as flexible and complex as you want it to be. Whether you want to share pictures of your cat, an eCommerce business site selling thousands of products, a slick marketing site or a corporate government department site, WordPress is the answer.

If you would like to try out WordPress for your own site go to:

  1. www.wordpress.com – a service to host your website for free
  2.  www.wordpress.org – the self-hosted version of WordPress.

What do you like about your web content management system and why? Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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