Employee Communications Copywriting

How employee communications copywriting helps you communicate effectively in the workplace

Employee communications skills are essential to the success of large corporate organisations.

Tresil offers HR and Employee Communications consultants, directors and managers the support of an experienced copywriter to produce well-written communications for employees.

The positive effects of good communication

Good communication affects employee productivity and efficiency. It helps employees focus on the right tasks and do their jobs better. People and organisations become more adaptive, creative and flexible. Products get out of the door faster. Good employees stay, staff turnover is lower.

Employee communications play a strong role in this such as:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Contracts of employment
  • Maternity guidelines
  • Staff handbooks
  • Training manuals
  • Intranet pages and articles to tell people
    • What’s happening in the company
    • About the leadership team’s focus
    • The projects colleagues are working on.

Every communication is an opportunity to tap into the reader’s motivations and influence their behaviour. They strengthen the relationship between employer and employee.

Employee Communications Copywriter and Intranet Manager

Thanks to my background in internal communications and intranet management, experience gives me the ability to write for your employees (as well as your customers).

Some examples of my work with employee communications managers are:

  • Writing on-brand messages for your employees to be communicated through the intranet
  • Content reviews, strategy and plans to control updates, additions and removal of content
  • Training and supporting content providers and information owners who are not full-time communicators
  • Migrating, re-writing and re-purposing content when organisations and intranets merge.

“Employee communication is an essential part of business and HR’s role”

CIPD research suggests many employees feel they receive little information. Yet effective internal communication fosters trust within an organisation as employees feel engaged in the company’s culture.

Employee Communications Copywriting Service and Pricing Examples

  1. Full management of content and copy starts at £1560 per month.
  2. Selected services in tailored packages start at £975 per month and include the equivalent of:
  • Weekly intranet articles up to 1000 words
  • Weekly employee communications newsletter
  • Internal communications for 2 departments
  • Copy for 1 intranet page of content each month
  1. Intranet content projects are priced according to the amount of planning, content management and writing required. Please request a quotation.

Please call today to find out how my flexible employment communications and copywriting services can help you. 07711 361532.