Marketing content creation

How to help customers choose you: create great content

Are you growing your business?

And building a list of prospective customers?

If so, you’ll be looking for ways to stay in touch with them.

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Keep in touch with prospects

In business, you meet new people every day:

  • At business networking events
  • At conferences and exhibitions
  • Working together on projects
  • Online on LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Some people are interested in your services but may not be ready to use them just now. They may not be aware of the extent of your services.

Don’t miss an opportunity just because the timing isn’t right.

Keep in touch by sending them well-written, relevant and interesting communications.

When you write to your target prospects, you are keeping open an opportunity for business.

This could take months, even years. But if you are the person who stays in touch, you are the person a prospect will go to.

Valuable content makes your customers happy

Everyone appreciates receiving information which will help them save time, save money, make money or make them happier.

In your niche, you may hold the key to some information they can use to make their job or their life easier in some way.

This is an unmissable opportunity.

It is the best reason to communicate with them.

Send them hints and tips, research on a topic they hold dear, news which helps them stay ahead of their competitors.

Make sure your communications are interesting so they’ll look forward to receiving them.

Never forget your existing and lapsed customers

Many business owners and directors use newsletters to keep in touch with prospects and clients.

It makes it easy for clients to remember you. Good communications work wonders.

Giving valuable information away for free is excellent customer service.  And it pays you back.

Many people are reluctant to do this but it’s a common mistake.

If you are the person who continuously gives helpful information, you will be remembered.

Perhaps you have chosen a telemarketing campaign. Often a well-written email – or series of emails – helps to encourage your prospective customers to choose you.

Writing regular blog posts and linking to them from a newsletter works well for businesses whose services need to be explained in detail before people can understand and make a buying decision.

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