Customer Service On Your Website

Customer Service On Your Website

Action Takers On The Web

Something is wrong with this picture. Is this person ready to help?

Customer service on the web

Welcome visitors to your website by giving them helpful information

Body language and expression are unwelcoming, despite the ‘welcome’ sign. He doesn’t appear to be willing to help.

I wonder sometimes if this is how visitors are left feeling after visiting a website – needing help. If people can’t understand what a website is about, what it is saying and what it offers, they will leave. They will go elsewhere to look for help.

Of course they won’t actually be thinking the words, “I haven’t received any help.” But they will feel confused or irritated (perhaps both) if the website failed to give them what they wanted.

Positive Emotion = Customer Service

When people come to our website, we want them to think positively about the information they find. We want to provide them with helpful, relevant and compelling information.

If people find our content easy to read and understand they will think positive thoughts about the information we are giving them.

If people think positive thoughts when reading our website content they may make a decision to buy, now or in the future after visiting again.

They may be looking for facts and figures in order to be well-informed.

Positive Difference

When we provide the information our targeted visitors are looking for, they feel positively about what they see and read. What’s more, they take action.

They take the action we want them to take and this is what we measure when we want to know how well we are doing.

Measure the Action-Takers

Every page must include an intended action for the visitor to take and we should measure it to know whether it’s effective.

We need to know how well our website content is converting people into action-takers or buyers when they use our website.

The figure that will tell you whether visitors are converting into buyers or action-takers is the conversion rate. It is a percentage figure.

The conversion rate is the Number 1 figure you should observe because it tells you – not who is clicking (this is the click through rate or CTR) but who is taking the desired action. If you want more visitors to convert into buyers or action-takers then you need to find out what they want and improve the site to meet their needs.

What figure should I be expecting?

If yours is an e-commerce site you will be looking for a 2.75% – 3.5% conversion rate. From this figure you will know your revenue will be bringing you a sustainable profit.

“I have a ‘not for profit’ site. What should I measure?”

If you are an information providing site, your information seekers are still customers even though you are not selling anything.

You will need to set goals to measure the successful use of your web pages. Instead of measuring items bought you will be measuring tasks completed.

What is a Web Task?

If the goal for your page is to measure the downloading of a white paper, the signing up to your blog or to information updates, the sending of a link to someone else, a request for further content or getting in touch with you by email or phone, you count it as a result (an achievement of the goal for that page) when your website visitor takes the required action.

The goal for your page is known as the ‘call to action’.

Customer Experience

When your visitor has completed the task, their experience is positive and successful. He or she will be satisfied with the action taken.

And this is where customer service comes in.

Make it Easy To Take Action

The easier it is to complete a task, or make a purchase, the better your metrics will look. Your metrics will tell you how well you are doing in converting your website visitors into customers or action-takers.

You will then know you are delivering a high quality web service.

If your customer believes you are delivering a high quality service, he will trust you and come back for more. He will tell other people about you.

And this cycle assures customers they are receiving a good service from your website.

Where Should I Start?

Many people ask what should they focus on when improving their site. Start with conversion rate to find out how well you are doing.

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    Hello this is somewhat of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or
    if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog
    soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get advice from someone
    with experience. Any help would be greatly

    • admin says

      Hello. I use WordPress to publish my blogs. You don’t need coding knowledge to create a WordPress blog. But it’s handy to have an expert to call upon when you get stuck. Good luck with your blogging.

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