Is your content opening doors and closing sales?

A quick test: which of these statements are true about your content strategy and marketing?

“We take a strategic approach to producing content.”

“When someone visits our home page, it’s immediately clear what we do and how we help.”

“We are proud of our website and how well it serves our visitors.”

“We are achieving the conversion rate targets we set for each web page to align with our business goals.”

“Our marketing emails result in a fantastic open and response rate.”

“It’s crystal clear on every page of our website what action the reader should take. In fact, we design every communication around the call to action.”

“Our communications are written specifically for our target niche.”

“Our website is continuously updated with useful information.”

“There is a sign-up box on every page to capture email addresses and add contacts to our database.”

“We keep in regular contact with our clients and prospects by sending a regular newsletter and targeted useful information.”

“The service and product pages of our website present compelling information to encourage people browsing to buy.”

“Search engines are bringing a lucrative flow of leads to our business through the website.”

“Our blogs and articles are keeping our prospects well-informed through valuable information and are leading to enquiries about our offerings.”

“The ‘about’ page on our website describes what our company stands for and introduces our team alongside photographs.”

“We’re proud of our reputation which is clearly presented in our testimonials and case studies.”

“We schedule regular updates to our website and marketing communications and measure their success.”

“It is easy for people to contact us. Our phone number is clearly shown throughout our website and in all our digital and print communications.”

Did you answer a resounding Yes to each of these questions?

Perhaps not all of them.

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