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Absolutely Flawless is a team of professional make-up artists and hair stylists, personally selected by founder, business owner and talented make-up artist, Joanne Pearson.
Joanne’s company is growing, as is her reputation among clients in and beyond the North West. When we met, a web developer had started to build her new website. She asked advice on how to convey the right messages to her prospective clients and we began working together.
Working with Joanne was an absolute pleasure. Her experience of working with Tresil is described, in her own words, here.
“I cannot recommend Tresil Web Solutions highly enough. They are real experts at what they do.
I have a small/medium business that was trying to grow and needed a new website to stand out and beat the competition with content that engaged clients plus also something google friendly which a lot of people don’t consider.
From the very first contact Sue from Tresil was professional and friendly with a real positive attitude on how to help me achieve my website goals really listening to my needs for the site.
She took me step by step through the process and was very patience as writing good quality content is not easy.
Each page she wrote was concise with just the right amount of information to get the message across and for people to book.
She has a great talent of turning your ideas into content that hits the nail on the head of what you are trying to create.
I had never considered paying for someone to write content as I thought it would be too expensive for my small business, but Sue deals with each client on a personal basis finding the right financial solution to fit your needs.
Whether your business is large or small she will add great value to any business and take it to the next level.
My website is (new content will be live in a few weeks) 11/3/16″
Joanne Pearson
Absolutely Flawless

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