How to choose an excellent copywriter

How to choose an excellent copywriter
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Write with your reader in mind

Many people get writing wrong.

They spend money on a new website design or advertising leaflet – and then decide to “save money” by writing the content themselves. After all, can’t everyone write?

And the answer is: Yes. We can. Of course, everyone can write. But how well? And to what effect?

Is it really worth cutting corners?

Which would make the greatest difference to your business?

  • The money you save if you don’t commission a copywriter
  • The money you make if you do

And my other question for you is: how important is it that your content makes a good impression on your target readers?

Does professional copywriting make a difference?

Good writing performs better when you focus entirely on one thing:

  • Your readers.

Perhaps you enjoy writing, you are a skilled writer and prefer to write your own content.

Whether you hire a copywriter for yourself, the time you invest in good writing will reap you rewards.

Who are your readers?

Think for a few moments about your perfect prospects.

  • What impression do you want to leave them with?
  • What action do you want them to take when they have read your content?
  • Would you like them to buy more from you, more often? And spread the word about happy they are with your products or service?

Why great copywriting affects your reputation

Now imagine a prospective client reading a page from your website. Or picking up a leaflet at a networking event.

Imagine that prospect showing your leaflet to a colleague. What might they say to each other if your message is ambiguous or just plain difficult to grasp?

And if your content contains a mistake? A misplaced apostrophe is just the mark to distract your reader from understanding your message. It says: this business doesn’t care enough about my needs.

Is that how you want to be perceived?

No. You want people to feel that you are the person they can trust to deliver exactly what they want.

The quality of your communication represents you and your brand.

This can only be achieved when your content is:

  • Written entirely from your reader’s perspective
  • Easy to read and understand and in the right tone of voice
  • Helpful, interesting, informative and concise.

Otherwise, an opportunity could be missed. Simply because the reader failed to be persuaded that you are the best choice for the service or product you provide.

Poor quality content is a risk you must avoid

If your content lacks clarity or contains spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, you could be perceived as someone who lacks the care and diligence in other aspects of your service. What’s more, the reader is distracted. He thinks, not about you and your offer, but about the words you have written. You are losing a business opportunity. And wasting the money you spent on design.

How a professional copywriter can help your business grow

You’ll want your copywriter to be experienced in writing for results.

Read the testimonials on her website to find out what other clients think about the quality of her work and what she is like to work with.

  • Will she take care to listen and get an in-depth understanding of your business, your prospects, your customers?
  • Will she spend time researching your industry to thoroughly understand what you are setting out to achieve?
  • Is she happy to hear about your ambitions and business ethos?
  • Does she make suggestions and offer helpful advice and ideas – without obligation?
  • Does her help and advice extend beyond writing words? For example: does she offer marketing expertise?

Would you like me to help you? I am generous with advice. And my first consultation is free. There is no commitment.

Let’s chat over skype (or face to face if you’re local). And I’ll help you identify the good points about your website (or marketing communication) and what will make it great.

Contact Sue at Tresil to book your free consultation today.


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