About Tresil

Hi, how are you? I’m Sue from Tresil. I’m a professional copywriter and I specialise in creating content which makes readers want to buy from you.

Everyone who is growing a business and paying attention to the results of their investment in a sound marketing strategy needs a good copywriter.

The written (or spoken) word on your website, in your emails and advertising, will do one of two things:

  • Persuade people to buy from you and improve your results, or
  • Fail to grab attention or keep people interested (and risk them searching for a competitor).

My advice is this. Don’t leave it to chance.

I am often asked to: “work my magic with words” and I can help you.

Get in touch to ask for my help on 07711 361532 or skype (sue.lister6).

The first half hour is free of charge and I don’t keep watch over the time. Have your questions ready and I will answer them.

Got a question about your website? Call now on 07711 361532

Got a question about your website? Call now on 07711 361532


Why Choose Tresil?

  • My knowledge, experience and interest in content creation and management sparked in 2006 when I joined an international IT company as their Intranet Manager. I continued in the corporate world: writing, editing and organising the production of content for large companies until joining the NHS in 2012. Here, I worked with some wonderful people in the Marketing and Communications team in an NHS Trust. Find out more in my LinkedIn profile.
  • Thanks to constantly learning, and an avid curiosity about how things work and how companies come to be, I ask the important questions which must be asked by any copywriter who wants to write the best possible content for her clients. These conversations start when we first meet and continue throughout my work – and beyond. They are an essential and thoroughly enjoyable part of the copywriting process which works best in helping me achieve the best results for you.
  • Based in Warrington, Cheshire, my clients work locally and nationally, large and small. Start-up and growing businesses have the greatest need of my services and I’ll list these later.
  • Being freelance means my copywriting services support business owners, directors, managers and marketing teams when they need me. I’m a member of the Professional Copywriters Network and the Federation of Small Businesses.
  • To support busy marketing agencies, I become part of your team when you need a ‘white label’ copywriter or a helping hand for specific writing projects.

What clients say

The testimonials and portfolio pages on my website describe my work and what people think about it. Other testimonials are on LinkedIn and Google (5-star reviews).

What type of communications do I write?

Web content, blogs, case studies, product and service descriptions, marketing campaign emails (and auto-responders), landing pages, advertising flyers, newsletters, articles, LinkedIn posts, video scripts, infographics, white papers, product and service brochures, biographies and sales literature.

Who do I write for?

Property developers and investors, medical consultants, private and NHS medical professionals, accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, insurance professionals, IT consultants, project managers, recruitment consultants, HR managers, business coaches, cognitive behavioural therapists, professional make-up artists, electrical contractors, home appliance online retailers, marketing agencies, search engine optimisation specialists and web developers.

What do I write about?

Property investment, health, well-being and fitness, retirees’ lifestyles, vegan fragrance, IT services and project management, data networks, telecommunications, personal computers, business protection, accountancy and finance, shot blast machinery, legal services, electronic tagging systems, energy-saving products and services, video production, party products, children’s nurseries, health and safety.

Get in touch to find out how my copywriting services will help you. Call today on 07711 361532.