11 ways to improve your website overnight

Yes. In 24 hours.

It really is that easy.

Even if you haven’t updated your website in a while (how long has it actually been?), it is never too late.

If you’re not happy with the design, focus on the content.

Words matter. And how strikingly they ring true with your readers makes a world of difference.

First of all, (way number One), who are your readers? And by that I mean: who are your chosen readers? Those whom you’d like to work with. Your ideal clients. When working with serviced-based businesses, this is essential.

So let’s jump straight into the 11-ways checklist.

  1. Know your clients. Understand:
  • what they need
  • what they want
  • what situation they are in, and
  • what problems they may be facing in relation to the service you’re offering.

The moment you begin to think about your customer and what they want to hear, rather than what you want to tell them, you’ve reached the most important step to achieving lead-generating content. And who doesn’t want that? If you don’t want leads, then the least we can do is provide helpful information – and make someone’s life a little easier, however that may be.

2. “50% of the problems people have when using a website can be fixed by better writing,” Jakob Nielsen, world’s leading expert on web usability.

Jakob Nielsen has spent his entire career testing websites and publishing the research. He says it’s not coding, not functionality, but the words which cause people problem when using websites. Words which people don’t understand, or which sound meaningless and which lack any kind of focus on a customer.

So the answer is to write content that appeals to your target prospects and customers. That’s it.

3. What do you want a customer to do? Call to book an appointment. Become a subscriber to your club. Sign up for a course. Phone to find out more. When you’ve answered this question, you can write the content which leads the reader to take this action.

4. What do people really want to know about you? Do they want to know that you’re an accountant and specialise in all the HMRC legalities – or are they more interested in how much you can save them? If you are a financial planner, do people want to know the technicalities of each fund you could tell them about; or would they prefer to know they can sit down with you and discuss their personal and business aspirations first? If you are a business consultant, would people like to know what courses, workshops and programmes you deliver or examples showing the human and financial benefits to your clients? People want to know what they will get after working with you.

5. A good headline to begin your page will grab attention. Think of the main benefit of your service and turn it into a phrase of 9 words or less. Be specific and relevant. It acts as a summary to lead people to read more.

6. The best way to build trust in your business through your words is to write case studies. Ask your clients for testimonials and make sure to add them to your website along with the client’s name and company.

7. What not to write. Talk less about yourself and more about how your prospect will benefit from working with you.

8. Read your content out loud. Preferably to a friend who is unfamiliar with your business. Does she understand it? Write with absolute clarity.

9. Avoid jargon and cliches. Avoid the risk of excluding ideal clients.

10. Review a page you’ve written. Count how many times the word ‘I’, ‘We, ‘Our’ appears and how many times you’ve used ‘you’ or ‘yours’. There should be 30% ‘I’ and 70% ‘you’. Show that you understand your reader. Writing from their perspective does exactly that.

11. Of course, a spelling, punctuation and grammar check is essential for every piece of writing. Remember to switch on ‘Check Document’ and use the editor in Word which will complete its task by showing you how many passive verbs you’ve used. Make sure to include more active than passive.

Make people feel like they want to talk to you and they’ll pick up the phone – they could be your next lead.

Please get in touch if you’d like my advice about something you are writing.

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